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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Usps 5397

Instructions and Help about Usps 5397

When you send something in the mail you want to make sure it gets to where it needs to go when addressing items you'll want to remember these steps the next time you ship let's start with the recipients address this is the central most important step which should help you remember the recipients address goes in the center when writing an address include the recipients complete name for example mr. John Johnson this goes on the first line on the second line indicate the post-office box or street address something like 1 2 3 north somewhere street additional information like an apartment suite or room number can be added on the same line directional words like north east south west are required and abbreviations are acceptable you can also use the shortened form for Street Road Drive Avenue and so on but writing the words is encouraged on the following line be sure to add the city state and zip plus 4 code if you don't know the zip plus 4 code use the USPS com look up a zip code tool to easily locate the proper zip +4 code that's it the recipients address is complete but we're not done it is a requirement to include the sender's address or return address before there can be a recipient there has to be a sender so remember before a return address goes before that is above and to the left of the recipients address this addressing format applies to any item you mail use the same addressing format for the return address it's important to note right everything legibly the postal service uses highly sophisticated scanners that can decipher most handwriting styles and printed font types nonetheless it's important to write neatly also try to avoid red pen or ink that smears if you can print your labels now that you've addressed your package all you need now is postage but that's for another video check out how to ship selecting the right service in our shipping tip series and be sure to visit usps.com for more information thanks for watching.

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