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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Postalease

Instructions and Help about Postalease

Hey everybody a lot of people ask me what is a good score for the postal 473 exam and I try to explain to them what I know I mean I can't find it anywhere on the Internet the truth and the exact facts and I think what what it is is it kind of fluctuates based on your competition based on who else's taking taking the tests and where they're ranking because when you take a test you get put in order of your test score so I'm gonna kind of go over what I saw and I was hired with like I think 20 other people and I was third out of 20 other people within eighty three point eight but the fact is some of those people the people ahead of me had military experience and I think they get a like a ten-point boost from that so they may have gotten 73.9 about their ten-point boost will put them ahead of me so you got to put that factor that in do you have the military experience are you gonna get the booze from that I'm not sure if it's ten points I think that's what they said but let's go over it okay so you scored a seventy three point nine seventy three point nine you still have a chance but you can always take the test again down the road like with a seventy three point nine I'm assuming you're not gonna be at the top of the list if you do get higher that means they're hiring a lot of people at that moment so not to keep not to get you down if you're that low but I think you saw the chance but you would have liked to do better on the test okay from 74 to 77 you are lower level average this means you still could get hired but you definitely want to do a good job at the interview right so seventy seven point one two seventy eight point nine it's basically average just make sure you give a good interview one thing you don't want to do in an interview is make the hiring person not want to hire you don't give them any reason don't start talking about how you can't do things because if you can't do something they're gonna hire someone else because there's a lot of people interviewing for these jobs all right 79 to 81 point nine you have a pretty decent chance you know you have a good test score you're probably going to find yourself hired if you give a good interview it and like I said it always comes down to the interview because anybody if you go in there with a top-notch score and you blow the interview they don't have to hire you okay 80 to 85 you're a really good shot this is where I was I walked into the interview and basically that the.

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